Thanks Jan – you forgot the Yellow Pages

It’s not over yet  – we have yet to see the full impact of Sensis dealings with Google – but the Yellow Pages have been pretty much dead for some time. Customers tell me that where they used to spend big bucks – in some cases up to $100k per year on high profile ads in the Yellow Pages, now it’s just a line or two.

And it’s easy to see why. Why spend  $1000’s when a decently configured search engine marketing campaign can deliver the goods at a fraction of the cost? You can combine some pay-per-click advertising with a few pages of well written, optimised, content for decent organic search rankings and achieve the same results. No top-heavy directory services required.

This doesn’t mean that the Yellow Pages should be completely discounted. There are still quite a few people who use the Big Yellow Door Stops, and some who use, which includes Yellow Pages, White Pages, City Search etc.
A business should grab all the inbound website traffic it can.

It is just a question of price.

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