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Using Raven to supercharge the keyword-content-keyword loop

Keyword research is the bedrock of effective search engine marketing, and is pretty much the first thing you do when setting up an internet marketing strategy. This article explains how you can use Raven’s keyword research management and ranking metrics to supercharge your marketing.

Raven has some useful keyword research tools, and the keyword manager really helps with the ongoing management of keywords but where it really excels is with the side-by-side comparison of search engine rankings for your site with any number of similar or competitor sites. This last feature is gold, and helps make Raven a top internet marketing tool. Use it properly, and watch your site climb up the rankings!

Before we go in to this, let’s get the basics in place.

Keyword Research Basics

SEO tools like Raven are just that – tools. They help with research and management, but they don’t do the strategic stuff. That’s up to you.

Here’s what we are trying to achieve with keyword research:

  • Identify keywords that relate to our products and services, brands and locations.
  • Obtain approximate ideas of competition levels and search frequency
  • Develop keyword-driven content, search engine optimisation and marketing programs.

Raven Tools

An Improved Strategy

But if we stopped and many do – we would be short-changing our whole strategy. If we just created a few pages on our website, and then focused all our attention on getting traffic to those pages, we are missing out on a major opportunity.

The trick is to set up a keyword-content-keyword loop, so that when create new content we then follow up with analytics and search engine ranking data to identify both our strengths and new marketing opportunities. We can then reinforce our strengths and pursue those opportunities through further appropriate content generation.

Raven Keyword Research Tools

Raven includes the following keyword tools in its arsenal:

  • Research assistant
  • SEMRush
  • AdWords
  • Wordtracker

Research assistant pulls data from SEMRush, SEOMoz, Google Adwords, and OpenCalais Alchemy API. It is the most comprehensive of the four tools, providing estimates of the number of results pages, search volume, cost per click and competition for a keyword.

If you were researching keywords for an existing website,you would also look at the web server logs, or Google Analytics, if installed, for the site. From here you can compile a list of non-branded keywords from organic search. This serves a number of functions:

  • Determine which keywords the site might already rank for, and which should be included in your keyword list
  • High converting keywords
  • Provides base-line data for measuring the effectiveness of SEO. (We are trying to increase the number of non-branded keyword searches.)

Keyword Manager

This is global repository for all the keywords you have derived from the keyword research tools or from analysis of websites. Apart from showing the search volume for the keyword, it gives a running indication of advertiser competition, and keeps track of any links that use that keyword as anchor text.

The other thing you can do from the keyword manager is to allocate keywords to the SERP Tracker.

SERP Tracker

(SERP is short for search engine results pages)

SERP tracker show rankings for keywords on search engines and geographic locations you have selected. A really cool feature is ability to monitor rankings for the same keywords on competitors and high-ranking similar sites.

The results can be displayed side-by-side as below:

SERP Tracker

With SERP monitoring, we can identify opportunities and measure the effects of various seo initiatives.

So now you have an excellent base from which to kick off your business marketing strategy:

  • A list of keywords in Keyword Manager and the ability to manage backlinks using those keywords as anchor text.
  • Constant monitoring of search engine rankings across engines and websites of interest.

Supercharge with The Loop

Now that we have researched our keywords, and set up SERP monitoring, we can identify opportunities and measure the effects of various seo initiatives. For example if we were at position 12 for a particular keyword on Google, and that keyword has a high probability of good ROI and a high search frequency, we might decide to do a bit of work – perhaps just a few backlinks – just to push it onto page 1 of the SERPS.

Other opportunities might include a keyword that is ranking well in local but not in global search. This implies the site is already well optimised for the word, and once again, a little bit of focus could push this onto page 1 of global search.

The real power of The Loop is that you get reasonably quick feedback on your seo efforts, can focus on the productive areas, and watch your organic traffic go through the roof!

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