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Raven Analytics FacebookI use Raven Tools constantly when working on a site. It is really useful to track SERPS and manage links while you are creating content or doing other SEO work, but some of the really sophisticated stuff comes from managing social media, and in particular, the interaction between the website and Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Raven – Facebook – Analytics

The excerpt below is from an seo tools review on SEOBook which is a recent and detailed look at the nuts and bolts of Raven Internet Marketing Tools. It provides an interesting perspective on using Raven with Facebook and Analytics:

Here are some of the features offered within Raven’s Facebook Tool:

  • Deep Google Analytics integration
  • White label reporting of Facebook metrics
  • Automatic wall post scheduling
  • Fan tracking, customizable by date range
  • Monitor posts, comments, and likes

What I really like about the Facebook tool in Raven is that you can really synch up your analytics information and truly get a handle on what’s working and not working over defined periods of time.
The reason why I’m a big fan of the integration here is due to the fact that you are likely going to be using either Twitter or Facebook (or both) in your internet marketing campaign(s). So to have this data in one place and integrated, as well as using the deep metrics that the tools provide, amount to a set of game changing features with respect to Facebook campaign management.
Sometimes with all in one toolsets you see features like this get added and they are kind of watered down. This is not the case here, it’s one of the stronger Facebook management tools out there. If you are going to allocate resources to search and social then you need a way to accurately track the ROI of your campaigns and that’s exactly what you get with this tool. See the complete SEOBook article here about Raven Tools here

If you want to get search engine ranking profiles on all your competitors, on similar sites, and on your own site and to do it for FREE, take advantage of Raven Tools thirty day trial.

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  • Hey there! It’s great to hear that you like Raven Tools’ social media management tools. We are in the process of making them even better, with our new real-time social tools set, Social Stream, to debut very soon! Hope you’ll be even happier then. Thanks for writing about Raven!

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    Glad you liked it Courtney.

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