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Search Engine Optimisation


SEO – what we do in brief

Search engine optimisation involves modifying website elements and developing inbound links to improve organic (non-paid)  search engine results rankings. It involves the following:

  • Keyword research to determine the  most productive search terms for your product or service.
  • Copywriting, editing and optimisation of website content.
  • Modification of website “back end” code to improve search engine recognition of these keywords.
  • Developing inbound links from high-ranking sites that are relevant to your product or service.
  • Training as required to help you or your employees maintain optimised content and links

We only use accepted “white hat” techniques that will not compromise the image of your business online.

Search engine optimisation will also help reduce the costs of your Google Adwords campaigns. If Google sees your website as being highly relevant to a particular topic, then you will pay less for your ads on associated keywords.

Panda update

Google has made significant changes to its search engine over the past 12 months. Called the Panda update, these changes are designed to improve the user experience for website visitors. Rest assured we closely monitor these changes, and can take full advantage of them so your website remains competitive.

SEO – what we do in detail

Our Adelaide SEO service provides assistance to clients Australia-wide. We develop an SEO plan, tailored to your business, and based on the latest research, concepts and implementation strategies. We help you implement your plan, then monitor and support it.

Keyword Research

All SEO should start with quality keyword research

  • Find out what people are searching for in your market space
  • Evaluate search competition and market opportunities
  • Develop an SEO program tailored for your business

If you have an existing site, then we will review historic traffic from your webserver logs and analytics (if installed).

Competitor and Related Business Research

A review of your competitor’s strategies, search engine rankings and inbound links can provide useful market intelligence and identify back link opportunities.

We don’t suggest you simply copy your competitors. You need to offer a different value proposition for your unique business.

WordPress SEO

We are WordPress experts, specialising in design and optimisation of WordPress websites. A huge range of plugins are available that assist with SEO, including  sitemap generation, social media generation, metadata management and much more.

Content Creation

Creating great content is at the heart of SEO.

  • Relevant to your business
  • Of value to your customers
  • Correctly structured with keywords from your research

We can help you with guidelines for content generation, and ideas for getting the maximum value from your publishing efforts.

Your SEO Plan

We will review and assist with:

  • On page SEO
  • A backlinks program
  • A content creation program

Social Media

Integrate your Social Media initiatives with your website and content publishing using the latest WordPress plug ins. We can assist you with getting things set up properly.

Save time and expand your internet footprint with Adelaide SEO from Your Online Business!

Analytics and Tuning

  • We will ensure that you have Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools correctly installed.
  • Correctly set up goals
  • Set up monitoring for sales or other goals
  • Establish SEO performance metrics, so you can measure the ROI for your advertising and SEO initiatives
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