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Audits:How to Cut Costs and Beat Competitors

8 Key Points

The following points are critical to an effective business to business online marketing strategy:

  • Business users are likely to use search at all phases of the decision making process when looking for products or services. From an initial search for a solution to their problem, through product/service comparison and pricing, and finally purchase.
  • The right keywords, ads and conversion strategies can intercede at each stage of this process.
  • Achieving high visibility and sales conversion levels from your website is a process, not an event. It involves search engine marketing and optimisation strategies combined with the development of effective landing page content.
  • Costs will come down as your campaign matures.
  • Online campaigns should be fully cost accountable. You can accurately determine the costs of each online sales lead or conversion.
  • A well organised online campaign – including strategic domain management – can seriously disrupt your competitors. Take market share from the big-boys!
  • Real-time, statistical data from online advertising can be highly cost-effective in fine-tuning ad copy and offers for use in other media.
  • Fail to act, and your loss of market share will creep up like global warming! The longer you defer action the more costly it will be to fix.

Online marketing offers a unique opportunity to cut costs and beat competitors. But don’t expect this to last forever. Gaining market share will never be cheaper than today!

Have us contact you for an Audit and Quote on your business to business online marketing requirements.

Discovery Audit and Quote – What you get

We spend a half day analysing your business, then provide a concise report providing a framework for an online business to business marketing campaign.

It is basic yet complete, and covers:

  • An assessment of the overall market for your product or services online, including Australian traffic levels on major keywords.
  • Appropriate ways to generate online enquiry.
  • An audit of your existing Adwords campaign (if you have one).
  • An overview assessment of your website, including content levels, content organisation and search engine friendliness.
  • Sales lead management and conversion approaches.
  • Infrastructure options if required for B2B ecommerce, shopping carts, transaction management, or private network.
  • A quotation for implementation of the program.

Uses of the Discovery Audit and Quote

  • You can implement the program yourself.
  • You can engage someone else to deliver your campaign, based on the requirements of the Audit.
  • You can engage Your Online Business to deliver the campaign as quoted. In this case we will deduct the $750 Audit fee from the cost of your contract.

Discovery Audit Pricing

The Discovery Audit is AUD750 including GST.
If you accept our quotation, then the price of the Discovery Audit will be applied as a discount to the final contract price.

In addition, if you are setting up a new Adwords campaign, then you may be eligible for a $130 promotional credit courtesy of Your Online Business.

Our Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the Discovery Audit, and you get back to us within 30 days of receipt of the report, then Your Online Business will refund your money without further discussion.

New business – but old heads

Your Online Business has been put together by some old Internet hands specifically to address major opportunities opening up for Australian business online. Right now relatively few businesses are getting it right with their online marketing programs, and those without effective strategies are more and more at risk of having their market share severely impacted.

The flip side of this coin is, of course, the opportunity. For the major players opportunities for market consolidation, for minor players, opportunities to extract market share from the big boys, and for all businesses, opportunities to find and exploit new market niches and channels.

Business to business marketers are also part of this environment. They must cope with the risks and maximise the opportunities.

Our experience in online marketing, project management, web design and web enabled applications dates from 1995. We�ve worked with businesses as diverse as real estate, energy, tourism, wine marketing, self storage, professional services, enterprise software and many others.

With our Discovery Audit and Quote you get to find out if we talk sense – without betting the farm.

Our approach

Our project management approach � whether for large projects or simply setting up an Adwords campaign – is to break a project down into the simplest possible steps that deliver real business value. Focus on the core issues first and develop complexity over time.

If you follow these principles, you will achieve the following:

  • You will save money on things such as website development.
  • You will start making money earlier.
  • You will make project changes that are customer driven, rather than the product of your preconceived notion of what your customers want.
  • You will make more money in the long term.

How is our approach different to other online marketing companies?

Return on investment (ROI)

Your ROI drives much of what we do. It�s not just a slogan.

Modern internet marketing includes some powerful tools to measure the return on advertising dollars, and we give you – the customer – full access to all reports. We don�t obscure the real costs with packaged services and �cookie- cutter� approaches that are designed to insulate the customer from the real world.


We are used to dealing with businesses of all sizes, and with different levels of requirement to get �hands on�. From advice for small business, to fully managed services for medium to large businesses, we are flexible in the way we work with you.

An education focus

We keep our customers in the loop. We want you to get across the technical issues to whatever extent is warranted by your interest and valuable time.

If you or your staff need training, we are more than happy to provide it.

Business analysis

A successful online marketing program will help grow your business. It will also allow testing of advertising approaches that would be prohibitively expensive in other media. In other words it will improve marketing efforts on other areas.

It is important that your online marketing consultants understand this interaction.

At Your Online Business we will make the effort to understand your core business � not just the technical aspects of the online side.

About you

Are you busy?

Online marketing is not nuclear physics, but you need to engage with it fully to stay on top. Things change quickly on the web, it is becoming increasingly competitive, and there are different technical and creative skill sets that need to be brought together. Most business owners are better off focussing on their business and leaving the online side of things to consultants. (If they can find the right ones!)

Are you sceptical, oversold?

Like many new things, the benefits of online marketing can be over-promoted. But like most things in business there is no �magic bullet� � only hard work and the persistence to continually refine what you do.

If you are successful in business, you probably already know this.

At Your Online Business, we tell it like it is.

Scared to death of making a mistake?

Your corporate image is arguably your greatest business asset. We would never compromise this by indulging in spam, inappropriate techniques for promoting your website, or any other negative practises.

On the financial risk management side, we alway start with lead generation approaches that are simple, low risk, and are designed to provide maximum business benefit for minimum cost.

Are you qualified?

We will only do the analysis for existing businesses that we believe we can help. If you are just at the business idea stage, then we will engage with you at our discretion.

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